The Belleville Shrine Club                  



  The Belleville Shrine Club 

  51 Highland Ave.,

  Belleville, Ontario, Canada

  K8P 3R2

  Telephone: 613-962-2633


  Owing allegiance and operating by permission of:




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  Dinner meetings held on the fourth Wednesday of the month, September to June.  

  Social hour at 6:00 PM, Dinner at 7:00 PM, Business meeting follows.  

  Ladies are invited to join the Nobles for dinner, then retire to the club lounge for a special program while the Nobles conduct the business of the Club.      


  Belleville Shrine Club Hall rentals are available by contacting our House & Property Chairman at 613-962-2633.

  Please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly, or email Clive at     



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 Belleville Shrine Club           2015 Executive

 President:                              Noble Leonard Bedford (Marjorie)

 Immediate Past President:   Noble Barrie Willis (Marlene)

 1st Vice President:                Noble Gary Smithrim (Elaine)

 2nd Vice President:               Noble Jack Hellberg (Celine)

 3rd Vice President:               Noble Otto Nungesser (Kendra)

 Treasurer:                             Noble Ron Carter (Audrey)

 Secretary:                             Noble Don Greer

 Directors:                               Noble Clive Allan (Sandra),  House and Property.    

                                                 Noble Harold Newton (Beatrice),  Membership.

                                                 Noble Ralph Bullock,  Publicity.

                                                Noble John Bonnin (Vada),  Special Events.    

                                                Noble Gerald Gill (Angie),  Children.                     

 Trustees:                               Noble Doug MacLaurin  (Lesley)

                                                Noble Fred Smith  (Sheila)

                                                Noble Clarence Stevenson  (Gayle)

 Chief Camel Herder:           Noble Allan Hackett

 Chief Firefighter:                 Noble Don Gillis

 Director of Clowns:             Noble Clive Allan


 Rameses Appointments:

 Club Ambassador:                                               Noble John Neil  (Peggy)

 Rameses Ambassador at Large:                        Noble Don Gillis  (Velda)

 Rameses Ambassador to Damascus Temple:    Noble Roland Maracle  (Betty)

 Ambassador Emeritus:                                        Noble Douglas J. Preston  (deceased 2007)






 Belleville Shrine Club, Past Presidents

1946-1952D. L. Storey1953 Carlie Cawker
1954-1955John Weese 1956-1958 Jack R. Bush
1959Tom Lewis1960 Ken R. Vivian
1961Jack Allan1962 Ed Way
1963-1964Phil Davis1965 Alex Pierson
1966Jim E. MacDonald1967 Bev Quincy
1968Bill Stewart1969 Dick Sargent
1970Harry Mc Connell1971 Earl Cooper
1972Jack Trembley1973-1974 Jack Lazenby
1975Harry Birkenshaw1976 Albert A. Bud Cook
1977Frank Westhorpe1978 Herb Teed
1979Jack Stenning1980 Nelson McKibbon
1981Charles Hamilton1982 Ormond Reid
1983Doug Campney1984 Lew Barks
1985Peter Zegouras1986 Fred Smith
1987Aubrey Haines1988 William Robson
1989Clare McFaul1990 Harry Jeffs
1991Ronald Tapp1992 James Freeman
1993Wilfred Reid1994 Lloyd Kellett
1995Rusty O'Grady1996 Gerald Davidson
1997Doug Preston1998 Joe Dempsey
1999Ivan Clare2000 Ron Leavitt
2001Morley Allan2002 Ron Carter
2003Bob Bardy2004 John Neil
2005Roland Maracle2006 Harold Newton
2007Jerry Genereux2008 Peter Penner
2009              Robert Wigmore2010

Clive Allan 

2011               Clarence Stevenson2012                

Allan Hackett 

Bill Black
Barrie Willis
Leonard Bedford